The Talent Retention Issue

The Surprising Solution To Employee Turnover

The Retention Puzzle

New research reveals the workplace’s impact on quality of life and the corresponding impact of a higher quality of life on an employee’s satisfaction with an employer.


In 2019, workplace design is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for our day-to-day, moment-to-moment lives. Thoughtful workplace improvements are building on the big and...

For brothers Anwar Husain and Omar Imani, co-founders and co-ceos of Smashtech, their new 22,000-square-foot workplace on the 33rd floor of Symphony Towers in downtown San...

More than 18 million people choose to live, work, shop, stay and play in Irvine Company’s 120 million SF real estate portfolio. Decades of master planning and stewardship have honed...

Realize the benefits of a world-class headquarters prominently situated in the thriving Irvine Spectrum technology corridor, with 73 acres of natural landscape. Created to meet the...

Placing a fitness center, cafe and outdoor workspace in close proximity to one another isn’t an arbitrary decision This placement is guided by a fundamental design principle that prioritizes...

His architecture career spans more than three decades of projects across 25 countries. Now, Irvine Company’s John Koga, Vice President Planning & Design, is rethinking the...

Pathline Park is a connected, living, breathing campus in the heart of Sunnyvale, CA. It’s an iconic, new kind of community in the center of Silicon Valley, blending indoors and...

Irvine Company Office

As a long-term owner who continuously reinvests in its properties and services, Irvine Company has evolved traditional offices into something much more: vibrant workplace communities where collaboration is encouraged and creativity is enabled to elevate business success. The company serves more than 3,000 customers in 50 million square feet of premier workplace communities in Orange County, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley and San Diego, as well as iconic trophy towers in Chicago and New York. Timeless design and quality craftsmanship are paired with Irvine Company’s permanent time horizon, customer-centric brand and pride of ownership.

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