Smashing the Traditional Office

For brothers Anwar Husain and Omar Imani, co-founders and co-CEOs of Smashtech, their new 22,000-square-foot workplace on the 33rd floor of Symphony Towers in downtown San Diego’s Financial District is a culmination of childhood dreams, much like the company itself.

“Our mother always told us to pursue whatever it is you’re passionate about in life and that’s how we ended up creating Smashtech,” says Anwar about the vertically integrated health and wellness phenomenon, which is one of the region’s fastest growing companies and most coveted places to work. “Our mom also planted in us an appreciation for quality and design. We couldn’t afford nice things but she would always take us window shopping at Restoration Hardware.”

Fast forward to today with Restoration Hardware and Gensler helping the brothers create their dream workplace – a sleek, sexy fusion of industrial and residential influences designed to be comfortable above all else. Polished concrete floors and exposed ceiling infrastructure are juxtaposed with moldings, elegant light fixtures, plush furniture and luxurious finishes.

“Our team lounge is cooler than most restaurants in Downtown San Diego.”

“We wanted to create a place that we look forward to coming to every morning,” says Anwar. Their employees share a love of the space, which has been reflected in Smashtech’s ability to recruit and retain talent. Employees linger in the team lounge on Friday evenings and come in on Sunday to watch football on the theater-size screen.

“People are completely blown away when they come here for the first time. They can’t even conceptualize that this is an office. It’s an environment that people want to be a part of and then once they are a part of it, they never want to leave.”

Team Lounge

“Our team lounge is cooler than most restaurants here in downtown San Diego,” boasts Omar of the show stopping space that pairs a sleek, marble bar with communal tables made from 100-year-old reclaimed wood.


Employees take in panoramic views of San Diego using iconic viewfinders, sourced from the same company that supplies the Empire State Building.

Custom Details

50-Pound, handmade door handles from England are one example of the unique details sourced and selected by Smashtech's founders.


Gensler and Restoration Hardware helped Omar and Anwar execute their grand, highly personal vision.


"Our theme is 'Surrounded By Greatness,'" says Anwar. "Not only are the people that make up Smashtech great, but throughout the space you'll find pieces of our personal memorabilia collection from people that have changed history like Muhammad Ali, Abraham Lincoln and Babe Ruth.

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